Mealey Electrical Contractors Ltd were instructed to carry out lighting refurbishment works on all floor levels of The Hawthorn building at De Montfort University.


The works involved working closely with the DMU staff to access the offices, classrooms and lecture areas to remove the existing Luminaires and replace them with Dextra Led Luminaires. The works also involved installing new emergency lighting provided by P4, which is used widely across the DMU site.


The existing Luminaires were taken off site to a nominated area of The DMU, where Mealey operatives separated the lamps and fittings into separate collection bins. These were then collected by Dextra Recycling every month, so the site was kept clean and tidy during the works and staff were kept safe from any hazards.


Due to the size of the task involved in replacing the lights within this building, we set about compiling a spread sheet detailing all the rooms within the building and the type/quantity of lights required per room. The lights were then called off from Dextra on a floor by floor basis and delivered to site, where they were stored ready for use.


To make sure the rooms that were allocated for new lighting were not missed during the refurbishment, Mealey’s foreman on site would highlight the rooms completed and any rooms that were not highlighted would be brought to the client’s attention and any instructions would be raised to carry out additional works.


Throughout the project, due to the COVID restrictions, any site meeting between the DMU contract managers and department staff were conducted via the internet platform, Teams. This would ensure Mealey staff and the DMU staff were kept safe.


A strict COVID policy was adhered too throughout the project, where signing in and cleaning of working areas were carried out during and after the completion of the works.


We are continuing with the above works on a number of other buildings, which are part of the same contract: namely The Clephan & Queens Buildings.