Project overview

Located to the east of Stafford, Severn Trent’s Brancote Sewage Treatment Works (STW) catchment will see an increase in population from 78,075 current population equivalent (PE) to 85,532 by 2028. The site is split into two distinct areas with the STW processing the sewage flows from within its own catchment and the sludge treatment centre (STC) processing indigenous sludge from the works as well as imported sludge from some nine other smaller rural STWs. Brancote STC has been designated as having rural works status; based on the sludge strategy alignment process carried out in AMP5, the site’s single digester will be shutting down and the works will convert to a strategic raw sludge dewatering site. Brancote STC will be required to dewater raw sludge to 25% dry solids (DS) which will be transported to the thermal hydrolysis plant at Strongford STW for advanced digestion

Mealey Electrical Contractors was engaged by NMCN to carry out the design, Installation and Commissioning of the Electrical system, power, and control elements. Working alongside Nmcn to put together Containment route Installation of Heavy gauge galvanised after containment systems that were suitable to the environment that they were installed into. Once the route and designs were agreed we install all containment require for all system. We developed a cabling schedule for all the power items and controls we put together an electrical design based on the design criteria and considering installation method and cabling lengths. To achieve this, we had to gather the relevant information from pump set, distribution, equipment, heating loads, Incoming power supplies. Once we were happy with our design this was submitted to the client for approval, when approved this information was passed onto our installation team to more the design forward
To help with the installation on site we put together an installation cabling matrix system which include a cabling marking system, cabling types length and sizes. This helped with ordering of materials and calling off, it also aided with installation speed, and time on site. Once all the cabling was in place and labelled and terminated into the main MCP and the field devices, we carry out electrical testing and commission of all the different systems. The reading were all recording on our electrical testing program once this information was completed and sign off by the QS it was issues to the client for approval which will for part of the operation and maintenance manual for the project.