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Installation of a new panel in an existing Boiler house whilst it was in use.

The new panel linked to an existing panel, to accommodate the additional power and controls for the new plate heat exchanger. From the new panel we installed 100mm x 50mm 2 compartment metal trunking at a high level in the boiler house by building rod and uni-strut brackets. From the trunking we installed galvanized conduit to the relevant power and controls (sensors and valves).

We worked together with the mechanical contractor (Arthur Pollard Ltd ) on routing of the containment so as not to have any problems at a later date, as the space was very restricted, due to the shape and design of the building.

Other requirements included:

  • power wiring for the district heating pumps with fault and enable connections
  • secondary pumps with fault and enable connections
  • boiler shunt pumps
  • local isolator for the power (pumps)
  • installing all the control wiring, number cores and connecting ready for commission by Honeywell.

There were various control items which include CHP primary control valve, Boiler 1 and 2 back end valve, Thermal store Hi level, mid level, low level, LTHW Primary flow and return, LTHW secondary flow and return, Boiler Flow temp sensors 1 and 2, and a Low loss header temp sensor.

The purpose of the above work was to recycle the heat from the district main, and by putting it through the plate heat exchanger, heating the water for the kitchen’s domestic water, and in turn that meant the boilers were not in, so saving on energy cost.