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Leicester Royal Infirmary Case Study

A&E car park lighting

Leicester-Royal-Infirmary-007Serco Health invited us to tender for the upgrade of lighting in the Accident and Emergency car park of the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Following discussions with the end client, Mealey Electrical Contractors were commissioned to upgrade the existing lighting and to recommend further additional lighting in the area to improve the overall visibility and safety of the car park area.

After investigating the options available, a design was proposed utilising LED floor lighting across the car park area. This offered the most cost effective solution with regards to installation, maintenance, power consumption and optimum lighting levels. Other options considered included metal halide flood lighting.

Following our recommendations, the hospital chose the LED floor lighting led option with addition lighting columns installed across the site to achieve the required lighting lux levels.

Our implementation plan allowed us to phase in the upgrade whilst ensuring the car park continued to operate in a safe manner.

Harris fencing was installed to protect the areas where we were working. This allowed us to carry out the installation of the additional equipment and new underground ducting for new cabling without disrupting the normal operation of the car park and ensuring the safety of the public.

In addition, new lighting columns were erected to achieve the require lux lighting level specified by the hospital.

Included in the contract was the installation of additional lighting control systems controlled via a photo electric cell and a time clock.

The project was completed on time and to the agreed budget.

On completion the customer was issued with all the necessary test certification, operating and maintenance instructions.

Cold Room

Leicester Royal Infirmary replacement of an existing cold room installation food preparation areas.

Installation of various power supplies to 2 no chiller’s and 1 no power supply to the Building management control panel, and from the control panel to 40 no room coolers, 13 no unit with defrost supplies. We sized the relevant power supplies to suite the loads of the units, and all the relevant isolators and from the isolator to the unit, and installed all the containment and sized the cable trays to carry all power and control wiring. Sized the heavy gauge pre galvanised tray to allow for the installation of all pipe work for the Mechanical Contractor.

We also installed all control wiring to control all the field unit, and also local room stat and unit control valve to each unit, installing all power supplies to all chilled plant and controls located in the chilled plant room adjacent to the control panel. We installed the control panel from the DX panel board to the new control panel for the DX coils on the existing Air handling unit, power supplies to the condenser fans, and also all wiring from the control panel to the DX panel, and also all interlock cabling for all the power supplies.

As part of the contract we carried out lighting up-grades to all lighting fitting to all areas as the work were carried out. With it being a working Hospital part of the area was moved to a temporary preparation which had been installed to allow for the works to be carried out, as a company we installed the power supply and and also the indication/ alarm which indicated to the main hospital if there was a problem. We removed and made safe the lighting to the area to allow for the installation of the temporary preparation area’s.

This project was completed on time, and it was very intense as there were various constraints with it being a working area and also with it being a food preparation area which supplied the whole site. We had to fit in with shut down and out of hour working and schedule set by the hospital.

Ward 41

Mealey Electrical Contractors Limited carried out the installation of power and control wiring within the wards and to the air handling plant located in the East and West Plant room.

As the wards were constantly in use, we were required to work to very rigid time constraints and working methods.

Ward operation was not adversely affected during the installation and the project was completed on-time and to budget.

Clinical Library 2015

Refurbishment of the existing Odames Ward to provide library and information facilities for the hospital staff and local medical students. The works included the provision of a clinical library, meeting and teaching rooms, a patient information room and quiet working areas

Mealey Electrical Contractors carried out the following list of services Power and Lighting, Emergency lighting, Power supplies to all plant, BMS control system, Data wiring.